Service Plans

SIGNPOST ONLY SERVICE: We provide & install a signpost and we will hang your sign, brochure box & riders when we install the post. This service plan is for the person who wants to keep their sign panels themselves.

SIGN4TIME SERVICE WITH SIGN PANEL STORAGE: We provide & install post, store and hang your signs and hang your brochure box & riders if at site when we install the post.

This plan is for the person who wants the convenience of Sign4Time storing their sign panels.  We recommend you provide at least 2 panels per county that you normal list in, with a minimum of 6 sign panels. If you routinely have listings in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Walton and Okaloosa, we would want to have 8 sign panels in storage in order to provide you with the fastest possible service.

Sign4Time service with sign panel and personalized name rider storage, ALSO INCLUDE SOLAR LIGHTING, ‘FOR SALE’ or ‘FOR RENT’ Rider and Brochure Box. 

We provide & install post, store and hang your sign panels and provide a brochure box if desired. We store and hang two of your personal riders from your sign panel (e.g. name and web site riders) if desired. We provide & install a “For Sale” or “For Rent” rider if desired and exchange the “For Sale” or “For Rent” rider with a “Sold”, “Under Contract” or “Rented” rider when Sold, Under Contract or Rented.

Additional post on same property $30.00

Move post / sign to another location on same property $20.00

Repairs to post/sign (graffiti, broken etc) $20.00

Refusal by Owner / Tenant $25.00

Locked Gates (trip charge) $20.00

Trip Charge (bad addresses etc.) $25.00

Add Flyer box $5.00

Add Various riders $5.00

Missing or broken post $65.00

Renewal (after 6 months / 180 Days) $30.00

Picture Confirmation NO FEE

Sign Storage NO FEE

Serving the Florida Panhandle including:

Select Escambia, Santa Rosa, Walton & Okaloosa areas.